is ghee healthy

Is Ghee Healthy? Here’s What the Science Says | Time

Is Ghee Healthy?

The egg debate continues whether they are health or no. Now questions about fat have surfaced, including is ghee healthy? Again, we must think of Food as Medicine. What is good for a person depends on that person as well as the amount and how the food is prepared. Broccoli may be good for you but less so if you boil all the nutrients out and leave green mush. The human microbiome is pretty well unknown. The complexity of interactions in our guts with various foods is still in its infancy. We have millennia of clinical practices from Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Perhaps we need more integrative research to understand these ancient health systems in our modern context.

While ghee takes longer to make than some other types of clarified butter, it retains more vitamins and nutrients thanks to its low-heat preparation, he says. Specifically, ghee is a source of vitamin E, vitamin A, antioxidants and other organic compounds, many of which would be broken down or destroyed if boiled at higher temps, he explains.

Ghee is also a component of Ayurveda, a roughly 6,000-year-old form of complementary medicine that is still widely practiced in India and elsewhere. “Ghee is used as a vehicle for herbal medication,” Dwivedi explains. “The thought process was that ghee is sacred, and when given with medicine, you get both the medical benefit and a spiritual benefit.

”Setting aside the spiritual aspects, Dwivedi says modern science shows that eating fat-rich foods like ghee can increase the “bioavailability” and absorption of some healthy vitamins and minerals. By cooking or eating vegetables or other healthy foods along with ghee, your body may have access to more of their nutrients, he says. Ghee also tastes good, he adds, and so it can make some healthy but unappetizing foods more palatable.

Source: Is Ghee Healthy? Here’s What the Science Says | Time

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