egg debate

Are eggs good or bad for you? New research rekindles debate |

Egg Debate

The great egg debate continues. Once vilified, the egg has been released back to the American diet but that may be subject to change yet again. Cholesterol continues to be the concern which is abundant in egg yolk. However, there may be a larger undercurrent in the American diet.

Americans are adopting “clean eating” and “plant-based” diets that avoid or reduce processed food and food from animal products. As more Americans move to plant-based diets, researchers may have even more data and subjects to drill into this on-going question.

The latest U.S. research on eggs won’t go over easy for those who can’t eat breakfast without them.

Adults who ate about 1 ½ eggs daily had a slightly higher risk of heart disease than those who ate no eggs. The study showed the more eggs, the greater the risk. The chances of dying early were also elevated.

The researchers say the culprit is cholesterol, found in egg yolks and other foods, including shellfish, dairy products and red meat. The study focused on eggs because they’re among the most commonly eaten cholesterol-rich foods. They can still be part of a healthy diet, but in smaller quantities than many Americans have gotten used to, the researchers say.

U.S. dietary guidelines that eased limits on cholesterol have helped eggs make a comeback.

The study has limitations and contradicts recent research, but is likely to rekindle the long-standing debate about eggs.

Source: Are eggs good or bad for you? New research rekindles debate |

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