fitness motivation

Fitness Motivation

What Is Your Fitness Motivation

What is your fitness motivation? Don’t let physical perfection get in the way of an enjoyable exercise routine. Motivate with 3 inspiring principles.

#1 Forget “No Pain, No Gain”

Unless you are training to be a world-class athlete with appropriate fitness and medical staff, don’t look for pain to gauge your success. Pain is not your fitness motivation. 

There is plenty of gain without pain. There is also less risk of injury or burn out. 

#2 Exercise For Yourself

Show yourself some love. Don’t exercise for others. Exercise for yourself. Your fitness motivation is right there with you. Live the Life you want. Remember, no one exercise fits everyone.

Use your exercise to explore! Wellbeing is Mind, Body, and Spirit. Exercise all components… not just bigger muscles or washboard abs.

Exercise to feel good about yourself. Studies show that exercise can boost your mental health. Get some of that in your Life! 

People use physical exertion in their spiritual lives in a number of ways. It could be physical labor in a Habitat For Humanity project. Maybe a 5k walk to promote a cause. Let your spirit move you and be a foundation for your fitness motivation.

#3 It’s A Lifetime Thing

Exercise is far more than going to a gym. It’s play. It’s fellowship. It’s a lifetime. Fitness is beyond athletics or perfect bodies. Your fitness motivation is about your Lifetime on this planet. Exercise for your total wellbeing… and share that with others.

Be an inspiration for yourself everyday, whether running or walking or sitting or lifting or stretching or climbing or wherever you find peace. You never know who is watching and will be inspired by your positive approach to exercise each and every day.

Exercise Is More Than Sweat

Many of us associate exercise with hard bodies and sweat. Let your fitness motivation move you beyond that. Boil down the three fitness principles we just discussed:



A Lifetime

That’s your fitness motivation! Gain Yourself A Lifetime! Use exercise as a positive force in your wellbeing and a lifetime of making a difference.

Tai Chi Chu’an

All four members of the Perry Family exercise in some form. For one of us, Dad, exercise has been every single day since 2001.

Each and every day Dad practices Tai Chi Chu’an (or Taijiquan or just tai chi… whatever makes you happy). For him this form of exercise is simply about the health benefits. No illusions of becoming a tai chi master or renowned martial artist. Just going with the flow.

This might take 10 minutes. It could last an hour. Just depends on how much time is available. He might practice once per day or several times. Again, it just depends.

Dad has practiced tai chi in the living room, bedroom, hotel room, backyard (we try to keep him from the front yard), seashore, Central Park, in front of the White House… you get the picture. He only needs an area about 3×10 feet.

It’s been nearly 20 years and counting strong.

Gain Yourself A Lifetime.


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