How Cardamom Benefits Health And Adds Taste!

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What You Need To Know About The Benefits of Caradmom

  • Summary: Cardamom has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Modern researchers have also found that cardamom benefits health.
  • Origin: Cardamom is native to the Indian subcontinent but has become part of the global diet. The cardamom spice is used in everything from coffee to entree dishes. Cardamom has been used and continues to grow as a spice with health benefits.
  • Potential Health Benefits and Uses
    • Metabolic Syndrome
    • Oxidative Stress
  • Side Effects & Interactions: Always consult with a licensed healthcare provider.
  • Additional Information:

What Are The Benefits Of Cardamom?

What Benefits Might I Get From Cardamom?

Seeds from the cardamom plant pod provide a delicious addition to many types of food and drink. Not only can we enjoy the taste but there are robust health benefits from cardamom as well.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome comes from a series of conditions that elevate the risk of serious chronic diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Cardamom can be part of a lifestyle change to thwart metabolic syndrome. In laboratory studies, cardamom showed a reduction in blood pressure in rats. Other studies also suggest cardamom can help keep biochemical parameters near normal levels.

Oxidative Stress

Oxidation is a natural part of human biology. However, modern lifestyle often upends this natural process. Oxidative stress is the result when oxidation goes awry, forming too many free radicals that lead to cell damage. 

Antioxidants slow down the oxidation process and reduce free radicals. Cardamom is rich in antioxidants that can benefit those suffering from oxidative stress.

Additional Information & References On The Benefit Of Cardamom

Cardamom Products

When you are ready, here are some products that may help you experience some of cardamom’s health benefits for your own health and household.

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