What Are The Benefits Of Rosemary?

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What You Need To Know About The Benefits of Rosemary

  • Summary: Rosemary is a common herb in most US households. However, it is usually considered for flavoring and not its significant health benefits.
  • Origin: Native to the Mediterranean, rosemary is now cultivated globally and is a common plant in many households.
  • Potential Health Benefits and Uses
    • Type II Diabetes
    • Cardiovascular Disease
    • Antioxidant
    • Cancer Fighting
  • Side Effects & Interactions: Always consult with a licensed healthcare provider.
  • Additional Information:

What Are The Benefits Of Rosemary?

What Benefit Might I Get From Rosemary?

If you look through the kitchens of American homes, you will likely find at least a small container of rosemary. It is commonly used to flavor stuffings and meats. But there is much more to the story.

High Cholesterol

Some of most promising research into research has been its effect on reducing cholesterol, the “bad” LDL cholesterol that is. Researchers gave human volunteers different doses of rosemary leaves (i.e., 2g, 5g, 10g) per day. All subjects showed reduced Total Cholesterol, especially the 10g / day group.


The same study also found that rosemary had antioxidant effects, as had other studies. In particular, rosemary decreased both (GR) Glutathione reductase, (MDA) malnodialdehyde.

Cancer Fighting

As an antioxidant, rosemary also contributes to fighting cancer. Studies have shown that rosemary exhibits an anticancer effect, especially against tumor formation (tumorigenesis). 

Cardiovascular Disease

Both the antioxidant effect and reducing Total Cholesterol make rosemary a great tool to promote heart health. As a side note, studies have found that the body absorbs rosemary quite quickly into the blood and heart.

Additional Information & References On The Benefits Of Rosemary

Rosemary Products

When you are ready, here are some products that may help you experience some of rosemary’s health benefits for your own health and household.

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