white red meats equally bad

A New Study Shows White Red Meats Equally Bad

White Red Meats Equally Bad

As more people move to a plant-based diet, there is decreasing demand for meats. Many retail eateries have vegetarian / vegan options or can at least prepare meals without meat. Still, many Americans have the opinion that white meat is healthier than red meat. Whether just good marketing by the poultry industry or poor marketing from the beef industry is open to debate. However, new research now suggests white red meats are equally bad,.

In a win for vegetarians around the world, a new study has found that white meat is just as bad as red if you’re trying to lower your cholesterol. Long thought to be better for you than red, the new research found that white meat had an identical effect on cholesterol levels. Perhaps unsurprisingly, those who avoided meat altogether for a month experienced an improvement in blood cholesterol overall.

Traditionally, it has been well accepted that ordering a burger is not as good for you as tucking into a more virtuous chicken sandwich. But this new study, which examined more than 100 healthy men and women between ages 21 and 65, crushes that notion.

Participants eschewed alcohol and tried three test diets for four weeks each: one incorporating red meat (mostly beef), one with white meat (mostly chicken), and a diet with no meat at all. Those who went full veg experienced the lowest cholesterol levels; protein from sources including dairy, legumes, and vegetables seem to have the best effect on cholesterol, as CNN reports.

Source: A New Study Shows White and Red Meat Are Equally Bad for You – Coveteur

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