opioid overdose risk higher than car crash

Odds of dying by opioid overdose higher than car crash, analysis finds

Opioid Overdose Death Risk Higher Than Car Crash

The crisis surrounding opioid addiction and deaths has been around for several years. Not only is the opioid crisis still with us, opioids are winning. Opioid overdose risk of death is higher than car crashes now.

For the first time, Americans’ odds of dying from an accidental opioid overdose are higher than from a motor vehicle crash, a data analysis found.

Injury Facts, an analysis from the nonprofit group National Safety Council, found the lifetime odds of dying by an accidental opioid overdose were 1 in 96, and the odds of dying by motor vehicle crash were 1 in 103.

“The nation’s opioid crisis is fueling the Council’s grim probabilities, and that crisis is worsening with an influx of illicit fentanyl,” read a statement from the group  published Monday.

Source: Odds of dying by opioid overdose higher than car crash, analysis finds

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