Sound Health

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Sound Health

Sound HealthThere is much about the human brain and nervous system that we do not understand. There is much about the health benefits from ancient practices like music that we still do not understand. But research continues and a recent workshop, Sound Health, explored these connections.

The collaborative workshop, an early step in the “Sound Health” initiative, focused on research findings on the effects of music during three life stages—childhood, adulthood, and aging—including:

  • Evidence that musical training can foster the development of a variety of nonmusical skills in children
  • The potential benefits of music therapy to help childhood cancer patients cope with the stress of treatment
  • The effects of music therapy on brain networks that mediate emotion, and the potential value of musical activities in relieving stress and treating depression
  • Mechanisms through which music may help relieve pain, including its impact on several brain circuits and pathways
  • The possible benefits of musical activities on the aging brain, including promising applications in people with Parkinson’s disease, stroke, or dementia.

For more see the original article : Music and the Brain: Report on an NIH/Kennedy Center Workshop | NCCIH

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