12 Healthy Foods Everyone Should Have In Their Kitchens

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Healthy Foods

healthy foodsThe secret to lower healthcare costs is really quite simple… eat healthily. We can avoid many chronic diseases through better Lifestyle decisions. In fact, studies show that nutrition plays a critical role in health. Good nutrition from healthy foods leads to good health. Poor nutrition from fast food and processed foods leads to poor health. No secret here.

Chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes are not treatable with acute care approaches like pharmaceuticals and surgery. Acute care can only address symptoms. We cannot blame physicians because they cannot “fix” a cardiovascular problem when we go out for a hamburger and fries after the appointment.

So often we use the excuse that it costs more it eat healthy food. There is actually evidence to support this because processed food tends to be cheaper to make and has a longer shelf life (though it may shorten your life). Let’s put aside the fear and pain that comes from a medical diagnosis for a chronic disease for a moment. Let’s just focus on the wallet… cold, hard-earned cash that goes to treat the symptoms that accompany chronic diseases. How many thousands of dollars for physician visits, prescriptions, specialists, durable medical equipment and more? How many thousands more if you must be hospitalized? In that context, does an extra dollar for a salad instead of a hamburger seem like a bad investment?

Check out the 12 foods recommended in this article… you are sure to find something to add to your daily menu!

Our collective obsession with healthy eating shows no signs of of slowing. Experts agree that a better way to achieve a goal — especially as it pertains to health — is via small increments as opposed to the bigger, more ambitious resolutions we make around New Year’s. So what’s the easiest way to make small, steady changes to your lifestyle that can have majorly beneficial impacts on your health? Through your diet. Here are 12 foods to eat that help support a healthy body. Keep these in stock at home — they won’t let you down.

Source: 12 foods every healthy eater should have in their kitchen

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