Jani on spiritual journey in times of crisis

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Spiritual JourneyA Spiritual Journey for Health

If natural disasters like hurricanes Harvey and Irma are sadly inevitable, is it possible to alleviate the human suffering that results? Uday Jani, MD, says the answer is a resounding yes, but it largely depends on an individual’s spiritual strength. A proponent of holistic care, Jani has long encouraged patients to embrace a spiritual lifestyle that corresponds to their individual beliefs to provide a strong foundation even in the most dire circumstances.

“Crisis and pain occur in everyone’s lives, but how you deal with it makes all the difference between thriving and merely surviving, and between wellness and illness,” said Jani. “People who consciously set out to build their spiritual strength are able to dig deep within their souls and realize that while pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

“Human spirituality is not necessarily religious, but can be found both in organized traditions and on a uniquely personal basis. The essential component is connection, whether it’s to a higher power or to others in your community. Spirituality can improve the ability to cope with life’s challenges and provide a sense of meaning. The benefits to immune, hormonal, cardiovascular and nervous systems are significant.”

Source: Jani to talk on spiritual journey in times of crisis Sept. 19, 20

Pain Is Inevitable, Suffering Is Optional

It is important to remember that our journey through Life is along many paths. The Journey is not just a maturing into adulthood, or growing a bank account, or academic achievements, or professional promotions, etc. The firmament beneath all those paths is our Spiritual Journey. Spirituality need not be religious, as Jani said in the article. Our family does find spiritual strength in our religion. We appreciate that others may find that strength through other connections.

Invariably we all experience pain. Without spiritual strength that pain can quickly compromise health. While pain may indeed be inevitable, suffering is certainly optional.

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