Health IT for Your Organization

A Roadmap for Health IT

Not long ago, the healthcare industry was primarily paper-based.  With the HITECH Act, billions of dollars were made available to eligible providers and hospitals as incentives for adoption and meaningful use of Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) systems.  Others may not have received incentives but found it necessary to invest in Health IT systems to participate in the new digital healthcare system.

Unless your organization delivers Health Information Technology (Health IT) services or is large enough to afford dedicated staff, you may find it frustrating when dealing with the ever-changing product landscape:

  • Private Cloud?
  • Hybrid Cloud?
  • Public Cloud?
  • Do I even want a cloud?
  • What is Open Source?  Can I use it for my organization to increase productivity / save money?
  • How can my organization participate digitally in Value-Based Care?
  • Will this help with:
    • Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)?
    • Accountable Care Organization (ACO)?
    • Population Health Management?
    • Chronic Care Management?

Even if you do have the luxury of dedicated staff or provide Health IT services, many organizations still need “fresh eyes” to help improve a service, product architecture, and more.

Additionally, any health organization and their Business Associates can benefit from improved use / delivery of Health IT services internally and externally.


HealthCare Too Can Help!

Let your organization’s needs drive your Health IT decisions.  Whether articulating and developing a Health IT strategy, Enterprise Architecture, workflow improvement, infrastructure and/or software choices HealthCare Too is on your side and uses best practices (e.g., Design for Six Sigma, The Open Group Architectural Framework, the IT Infrastructure Library for IT Service Management, and more) for your organization’s planning, deployment, operations, and continuous improvement of Health IT investments.

The HealthCare Too approach stresses “service” over “technology”, helping everyone inside and/or outside the organization appreciate the value and purpose of the investment your organization makes.

Health IT -- Which Way Do We Go?